Our Ingredients

Soy wax

Why we choose to use Soy wax

It may be a surprise to learn that many commercially available candles are made from paraffin wax – even many of the posh ones.  Many of the popular highly fragranced candles are at best a paraffin/vegetable combination made this way so the scent throw is higher with less fragrance and therefore cheaper to manufacture. Paraffin wax is petroleum, derived from crude oil and is thought to be responsible for toxic fumes and blackening of walls around where the candle burns.

If a label doesn’t state the candle is soy wax then it probably isn’t!

Soy wax is believed to be one of the safest and most environmentally friendly options for candle making. It burns at a lower temperature than paraffin wax and also burns for longer. 

Soy wax is from the soy bean plant and as such is entirely vegetable based.  The oil is separated from the soybean, purified to give soybean oil and then hydrogenated to turn it into a solid.  Here at North Berwick Candle Company we use Ecosoya wax which is 100% vegetable based. We melt it from flakes and then hand pour it into our containers.

We have chosen to use soy wax as producing as natural a candle as possible is important to us. We have also chosen to use recycled glass containers and recycled cardboard packaging for our core product.

We do not use any colours or dyes in our candles so they are naturally white, the subtle variations in tone is due to the fragrance oil and is to be expected with the natural ingredients.

Soy Wax


The glass jars we use are made from recycled glass which are hand blown in Spain. They have an amazing sea-colour tint to the glass that give off a natural beauty that we love.  As each one is hand made and not just off a production line there are subtle variations in each, for example, there may be small air bubbles or lines within the glass.  We feel that these characteristics should be cherished as they add to the charm of the glass.


The wicks we have chosen to use are a mix of cotton & linen fibres that aim to burn the candles efficiently therefore giving as long a burn-time as possible.


The fragrances we have fallen in love with at North Berwick Candles and chosen to share with you are Phlalate & Paraben free and are suitable for vegans.  They are not formulated by us but are manufactured in Europe to IFRA standards by leading fragrance houses.

Candle Wicks